Personal Injury

Trial Results

Jenkins v. Cascade Plaza, LLC; Cause No. 09-2-06151-1; largest verdict in Snohomish County for a fall case at that time for client who fell in snow and ice due to the negligence of her landlord, severely fracturing her ankle and experiencing a permanent injury.

Eileen and Michael Richmond v. Rise Properties, LP dba Station at Mill Creek (2018); pre-litigation settlement for client of $125,000 when Eileen was injured falling on black ice in the parking lot of her apartment complex after management refused to make the premises safe for tenants' use after weeks of freezing weather.

O'Neill v. Cliff House Condominium Association (Spokane, 2019); pre-litigation settlement of $175,900 involving fall on black ice which resulted in a severe fracture of client's arm preventing her from supporting herself financially for more than a year.

Ross v. City of Edmonds (2014); pre-litigation settlement of $125,000 for client who fell on a city sidewalk that had fallen into disrepair.

Robertson v. One Napili Way (2014); pre-litigation settlement of $150,000 for client who while vacationing in Maui tripped on a speed bump that had detached from the concrete driveway, severely shattering her arm.

In re Gray (minor) (2015); pre-litigation settlement of $60,500 for child who was bitten in the face by a pit bull and suffered facial scarring and psychological trauma.

Cotton v. Peninsula McDonald's Restaurants, Inc., King County Cause No. 11-2-03778-9; favorable, confidential settlement secured for handicapped client who fell on snow and ice, requiring several back surgeries.

Baum v. State Farm, U.S. District Court No. 2:13-cv-00980-JCC, Western District of Washington; settlement in a underinsured motorist bad faith/Insurance Fair Conduct Act (IFCA) violation. Insurance company offered $0 prior to filing suit.

In re Minor Settlement of N.G., Pierce County Cause No. 10-4-01424-4; $75,000 settlement obtained for 11-year-old boy injured in a vicious attack by a pit bull.

Hall v. Scott, Snohomish County Cause No. 09-2-03500-6; favorable verdict obtained for client injured in an auto accident.

Brown v. Keller, Pierce County Cause No. 12-2-15384-7; $50,000 settlement obtained for 9-year-old girl attacked by a Rottweiler.

Hall v. Scott, Cause No. 09-2-03500-6; favorable verdict obtained for client injured in a serious auto accident.

In re Minor Settlement of N.G., Cause No. 10-4-01424-4; $75,000 settlement obtained for 11-year-old boy injured in attack by a pit bull in Pierce County.

Favorable settlement in arbitration for client injured in a sexual harassment/hostile work environment claims brought under state and federal law against national restaurant chain.
Other Representative Matters

Obtained expeditious and favorable settlement for medical malpractice client whose primary care physician failed to properly remove a malignant melanoma, leading to serious complications and permanent scarring.

Obtained verdict for injured client in auto accident in Snohomish County; secured two times the amount of the verdict in first party insurance for wage benefits lost due to injury for client following trial.

Represented plaintiffs in auto accidents, underinsured motorist claims, and wrongful death action arising out of a fatal multi-car collision.

Represented surviving mother in disputed intestate probate and successfully prevented key assets from being sold by court.

Obtained insurance benefits for injured parties for major wage loss, underinsured motorist coverage, and personal injury protection.

Prepared extensive employment contracts and provided advice regarding non-compete agreements and sale of business.

Represented both general contractors and subcontractors in construction defect litigation and contract disputes.