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Alia F. Ahmed
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Alia Ahmed

Alia F. Ahmed is a family and matrimonial law practitioner in King and Snohomish County. Her practice focuses on family law matters, including International Family Law. Ms. Ahmed is a Seattle native with strong ties to her South Asian upbringing. As a result, Ms. Ahmed understands the intricacies and possible cultural implications of family law matters on some clientele. She also has experience representing people in a wide array of issues that include high income/asset matters, business owners, military personnel and veterans, and LGBTQ clients, among others. Alia has also served as a Pro Tem Commissioner in Snohomish County Superior Court.

Ms. Ahmed previously formed Ahmed Law PLLC in 2015. Prior to that, Ms. Ahmed worked at Wong Fleming, a large international law firm, where she practiced family law for over 8 years. Ms. Ahmed has also worked with the Washington Education Association, one of the largest teachers' unions in Washington State. There, she gained extensive experience in the areas of labor law, education law, administrative law, public employment, civil rights, and constitutional law.  She was also named a Rising Star by Superlawyers in 2020, 2021 and 2022, an award reserved for the top 2% of practicioners nominated by their peers.

One of Ms. Ahmed's passions outside of her family law practice is supporting nonprofits for children suffering from cancer. These include The Goodtimes Project and the Ronald McDonald House, among a few. Ms. Ahmed spends as much of her free time as possible with her husband and two young sons, and enjoys getting outside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


  • Seattle University School of Law, 2006. During her tenure there, Ms. Ahmed served consecutively as the Vice President and President of the National South Asian Law Student Association

Bar Admissions

  • Washington State


  • AV Preeminent (5 out of 5 Peer Review Rating)
  • Top 40 Lawyers Under 40, American Society of Legal Advocates
  • 10 Best, Client Satisfaction Award, American Institute of Family Law Attorneys
  • Washington Leadership Institute Fellow, Washington State Bar Association


  • Washington State Bar Association
  • King County Bar Association
  • King County Bar Association, Family Law Section


Alia F. Ahmed | Phone: 425.776.1352alia@lawdda.com

Roshni, A Divorce Client

The Best Lawyer!!

Alia is absolutely the best attorney during my divorce. She was extremely professional and patient with very good knowledge of the law.She guided me very well in my case and helped me to make a best decision. I definitely recommend her.

Anonymous, A Divorce Client

She is simply the best!

Almost an year ago after initial consultation with Alia I decided to go ahead with my Divorce case with her. When I started my journey I had no idea what I had gone through and what I will have to face.My case was unusual and bit complicated. Her timely guidance, availability and trust in me helped a lot. She is very professional and sensitive to the emotional roller coaster a person is going through. She is not one of those who will drag the case for her benefits. She always came prepared with papers in court, never late and always a step ahead from the other party. She was responsive even on weekends (as per case requirements). She is simply the best! Would recommend her to anyone going through complicated (or simple) divorce.

Shivani, A Divorce Client

Principled and hardworking

Alia has been my pillar throughout the divorce proceedings. All divorces are difficult, but mine was especially contentious including a temporary DVPO, FCS DV evaluation, a rigged parenting evaluation, psychological evaluation, a futile mediation and finally a lengthy trial. She was able to help me navigate through all of these. Alia was there for me throughout the journey and has become like my family today. She is very prompt in replying, always compassionate and is able to cut through the confusion and complexity surrounding these matters and is able to offer you constructive advice. She was extremely patient with me at the times I was upset and at other times firm when I needed to be told the way it was. She was an able and articulate arbitrator during trial and is able to gauge the witnesses, the opposing counsel as well as the judge. She is extremely hardworking, thorough and does her research well.
If you are a weasel trying to cheat your ex-spouse of money, child support and residential time, you should look elsewhere as Alia is a principled and good person above all and wont help you with your dirty tactics. However, if you are an honest and fair person who believes that truth prevails in the end, then Alia is your best ally. She is not one of those lawyers who makes you fight with your spouse just so she can make extra bucks. She is very reasonable and understood my situation when my resources were strained.
All in all with Alia as your lawyer you would be in very able hands.

Anonymous, A Divorce Client

Best Lawyer Ever!!!!!

Alia was more than just a lawyer when I was going through the hardest time of my life, a hostile divorce. I found her to be extremely thorough and hard working. She was always attentive to my needs and would respond quickly to everything that I brought to her. She was always there when I needed her and kept me informed every step of the way. I am more than satisfied with the outcome and am extremely grateful to her for all her support during this tough time. I highly recommend her.

Mary Ann, A Divorce Client

The Best

Stop - don't look any further, Alia is absolutely the best attorney during my divorce that I could have asked for. For the last year Alia represented me through my divorce and was extremely professional and patient with very good knowledge of the law. She did a great job of keeping me informed and updated every inch of the way. I would recommend her to anyone out there looking for the best. I came out of my divorce with everything I wanted and more. She is top notch in my opinion.

Sarah, A Divorce Client

Best Lawyer Ever

Alia was so incredibly helpful to me when I was going through the hardest time of my life - my messy divorce. She was always there when I needed her, without question. She responded quickly & accurately to everything I brought to her. She gave me very sound advise & protected me throughout my case. Most importantly - she was prepared for the unknowns that my case presented & made me feel safe throughout the entire process. Alia not only knows the legal piece of the system - she also has an amazing heart that helped me feel like I was her only client. I couldn't have gotten through the process without her. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Alia!!!!

Mr. Anderson, A Divorce Client

Very reasonable fees for solid representation.

Divorces are always difficult, with a lot of emotions involved and tensions. I have to say, my divorce was not easy but it was managable. Alia helped me understand the legal lingo and the process, and she handled the aggressiveness of the opposing lawyer with intelligence and professionalism. That was already a great help, and that was what I expected. Alia and her office understood my needs and were there when I needed them. Alia and her team also helped me with resolve a satisfaction of Judgement. She managed the entire process with ease and we got it resolved within a month for a very reasonable fee. Thank you!

Scott, A Divorce Client

Alia has been my Rock

Alia Ahmed is the main lawyer in my divorce proceedings. I am a male currently going through a complicated divorce involving mental illness, domestic violence with children involved, and a hostile opposing party. Through it all, Alia has been a rock, always reassuring and confident, and yet sensitive to the realities of my situation.

Alia is extremely knowledgeable and has successfully anticipated opposing attorney moves and how the judge might view them. She has reliably guided me through the process of responding to attacks and getting the right protections in place for me and my children. She has helped a great deal in all aspects of this sad business.

Alia has always been very responsive, much more responsive than I imagined would be the case. In fact she and her team are the most responsive of any of my commercial and professional relationships. She is responsive not just to me, but to all people involved in this case (and contrasts very strongly with the opposing attorney). When I want something, she always gets right on it. She is very personable and easy to talk to, and very patient in explaining all the legalese and complicated processes. She also keeps me informed to all that is happening in the case, which has keep my stress level down. And no matter how stressful things have become, I always feel better after meeting with her.

In terms of Trust, I feel this is Alia's strongest asset. Over the time she was worked on this case, I have come to trust her feel for how the case would go in all situations, trust her advice on what actions to take (and not take), and trust her commitment to my case. While this process is the most ugly thing currently in my life, I have the most confidence that things will go well with Alia on my side - even more confidence than I have in the conference with my child's teachers that I have in a few hours!

In terms of results, so far I have won everything that matters to me (custodial authority for the kids, authority to sell the house, denial of opposing party's motions which would have been damaging or compromising, no spousal support) and a little more (child support). Alia has given me clear expectations for the road ahead, including potential costs of going to trial, what to do about the financial situation (another complicated factor), and what to expect during the process of working out the parenting plan (again, more complicated than the average case).

I can't recommend Alia Ahmed highly enough.