Mark Davis is fantastic to work with! I highly recommend working with him. He is an excellent communicator, works hard, and is very patient. He took the time to answer all my questions and ensure I was comfortable with every step of our process working together. He fought hard to make sure my rights were protected. Really appreciate it!

Ruchi Banka

I can not say enough how grateful I was with the service I had received from Mark Davis. I highly recommend this firm to anyone needing someone that will listen and take you serious. He answered any questions I had in a timely manner and was always very patient with me. Thank you Mark for everything.

Kathi Pineau

Mark and Denise really took care of my issues with my former employer. They helped me and had my back the whole time. I would never been able to get through the mess without them. The first offer the former employer offered me was $1,500.00, Mark was able to get me much more than that. Thank you for everything and I really appreciate everything they did for me.

Suzy Crume

I felt cared about and I was kept in the loop about details regarding my case. My team was knowledgeable, intelligent, honest, and I appreciated them having my back.

Stefi Hallstrom

So impressed by my experience with the Dethlefs Sparwasser Reich Dickerson team! They really listened, then helped to resolve my issue in a way that was prompt, professional, and detail oriented. I would absolutely trust them again with any legal challenge.

Elisabeth Villavicencio

Our company had a great experience working with Mark Davis. He set clear expectations, gave excellent direction, and the outcome was better than expected. Highly recommend this firm.

Jodelle Aguiar

I had a very positive experience with Mark Davis, Denise Moss and the team at Dethlefs Sparwasser. I felt they were reasonably priced, always responsive, and helped with my case exactly as I had hoped. No complaints on my end, I would recommend their services.

Blake Misenar

Mark Davis is an extraordinary Attorney. I can’t say enough - he is a life saver. I explained the situation I was up against and he understood. He communicated this clearly on my behalf and it made all the difference. The outcome he got for me was much more than I expected. I don’t know how I got so fortunate to have found him and he was available to take my case. I know I will highly recommend him to anyone in similar situations. He communicated to me the entire time. His experience was very clear. I believe the reason for the fast response from the other side was due to Mark’s experience and professionalism.

Nancy Bushman

I had a Job Offer revoked by a major corporation. Having resigned my former position left me in a precarious position . Using Google Search I contacted several Employment Law Specialists in Seattle Area and Dethlefs Sparwasser were the only ones who were willing to discuss the case with me. Mark Davis was confident and Reassuring that we could make a claim .

Jessica and Denise helped me with the Input of my documentation and Mark kept me informed along the way. They have several options available to cover their fees which was helpful.

Mark advised we should approach the company first and ask for a settlement without going to court. The settlement they agreed to was fair considering the post Covid 19 Economy and in the end everyone was compensated.

Mark kept me informed and counseled me on possible outcomes during the negotiation . I was glad he was in my corner!

You get what you pay for and I felt my case with Mark Davis and the team was handled well without a long drawn out case and the fees were fair.

I highly recommend them for your legal needs.

Andrew Irvine

First time needing a lawyer (car accident), and friends unable to recommend anyone, so…as with so many things, I Googled it. Dethlefs, Sparwasser, Reich, & Dickerson popped up with good reviews, officed in Edmonds, and they’re an (almost) entirely female firm, which made me smile. If you’re over 40, and female (or just aware of history), you understand why. So, off to Edmonds I went.

Conveniently, they’re catty-corner to the post office I use regularly, so they were easy to find. Denise, the office manager/legal assistant, was a ray of sunshine throughout my legal journey. Jody Reich discussed my case, answered all my questions, and made me feel very comfortable. She didn’t make any guarantees, or over-promise, but explained what was possible and what was reasonable, given past settlements in similar situations. I agreed to pay her 35% plus expenses from any settlement she recovered. And recover she did!

The settlement was more than I expected, and considerably…laughably…more than what the insurance company first offered me the week after the accident. Yes, it was my first time needing a lawyer, but luckily NOT my first time on the planet. NEVER take an insurance company’s first offer. ALWAYS retain a lawyer, in general. And…if at all possible…retain Jody Reich of Dethlefs, Sparwasser, Reich, & Dickerson, in particular.

M. Morgan

I was referred to this agency (& to Mark Davis specifically) by a colleague & friend who had worked with them/him prior. I’d never worked with a lawyer before and was intimidated about the idea of a lawsuit & I was dealing with an intimidating situation necessitating a lawsuit.
My emotions & anxiety were extremely high.

Upon meeting with Mark, I was put at ease as to the process & timeline of what I’d be facing over the next year or so. I hired Mark and we had frequent phone & email conversations & check-ins (including many over weekends or evenings!).

He worked hard to get me a fair settlement & I am very happy with the work he performed with regard to my case. Additionally, once our work relationship was formally concluded, I needed to reach back out to him with regards to another issue I was having relating to the settlement. He jumped right in and got results quickly for me once again!

I highly recommend Mark Davis & Dethlefs Sparwasser Reich Dickerson PLLC

Briget Peters

I consider myself very fortunate to have stumbled upon Mark Davis through a simple Google Search as I was looking to interview attorneys. I was in a very stressful and tense situation and needed the right legal advice and representation.

Firstly, as I was interviewing lawyers, Mark was one of the few attorneys who accepted to talk (for a fee) without signing or paying for a big retainer to assess the case and the fit. I was stunned on how many other attorneys expect clients to sign retainers without talking to them first. When the stakes are high, It felt very risky to me.

Right off the bat, Mark was very helpful accepting to meet me twice (for a fee) to answer any questions I may have. This was very helpful and gave me a sense of the case as well as Mark's style and approach.

Once we started to work together, Mark was not only the attorney representing me, he was also a lifeline as I was navigating a high pressure situation. His communication is clear, precise, to the point, deliberate and brought much needed calm and clarity in an otherwise very stressful situation for me. He also has a wealth of expertise and is a savvy negotiator. It was such a relief to have him represent me. I also learned from him in the process.

As for the process itself, Mark used his same calm and collected approach to position our case so we can reach an optimum outcome. He guided me through it every step of the way. In fact, as I was nearing the end of my rope and was ready to stop at some point, he made sure to continue so we could get a satisfactory outcome.

In the end, I felt very fortunate to have "stumbled" upon Mark and Dickerson Davis Ahmed Law Firm. When the stakes are so high that as an individual we may easily crumble under pressure, we need an attorney who will bring calm and tell us precisely what we need to hear, even if it is not what we want to hear.

Mark was literally a safe lifeboat for me in a sea of chaos !

I note that the firm is comprised of a majority of women. Kuddos to that !!!

Even though I only worked with Mark, I highly recommend him and the other attorneys. I have no doubt that they are all of the same caliber.

Thank you Mark ! Thank you Dickerson Davis Ahmed !

Carole Montarou