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Corporate Ligitation

Business disputes don't only happen to the Fortune 500. If you have a small to medium size business, a closely-held company, a family business, or even if you're an individual with a business on your own, you may find yourself in litigation - and we're here to see you through.

We have experience dealing with disputes from small to large, from a rental property owner who needs help to defending suits for breach of contract. A few of the kinds of corporate litigation we've guided our clients through include:

  • Shareholder disputes
  • Disputes between directors
  • Disputes over information such as business records, accounting records, transactions, or sales
  • Business divorces between partners fighting over assets such as intellectual property, money, or property
  • Winding down a failing company when the participants are scrambling to divide the pieces or avoid liability for debt
  • Defending against claims for wages, harassment, termination, and more
  • Billing issues and contract disputes
  • Disputes between partners
  • Disputes with customers

We can also help you avoid corporate litigation before it ever arises by helping draft documents, agreements, and policies or handbooks.

We have represented tech companies, service companies, sales-driven organizations, cannabis companies, real estate companies, contractors, developers, and inventors. We'll listen to your issues, evaluate your needs, guide you through your case, and help you deal with your corporate litigation while you tend to your ongoing business.