Practice Areas

Divorce & Family Law

Whether it is divorce, custody, child support, adoption or another type of family and matrimonial law matter, we treat every case uniquely depending on your needs. Getting divorced can be traumatic no matter what your circumstances. Support and custody negotiations are hard on everyone. Drafting a domestic partnership or prenup may be the result of an agreement, but it can still be a source of stress. With the right support, it doesn't have to be.

Our primary focus is listening to your concerns and goals. Then we talk with you about what you need, provide advice and support, and work with you to create and carry out a plan that best meets your needs and interests.

When you're facing family law issues, our attorneys serve as advocates and advisors for you to ensure your interests are fairly represented. We are committed to providing quality representation and consultation spanning a wide range of family law matters, including adoptions, divorce, child custody, third-party custody, child support, relocation, modification, cohabitation relationships, domestic partnerships and prenuptial agreements. Attorneys at our office also have experience representing individuals with immigration complications that might affect their case, as well as international aspects of a family law matter (e.g. Hague Convention kidnapping cases).

In addition to representing clients with any size estate, we are experienced with handling complex matters involving child abuse, substance abuse, domestic violence and mental health issues. We represent a diverse clientele, including individuals from all different backgrounds, cultures and religions. We also represent LGBTQ families, military personnel, veterans and business owners, to note just a few.

We will provide excellent representation for you in all aspects of your family law case, from filing initial documents to mediations to trial, depending on your needs.